sam lowry

Sam Lowry – The Great Indoors

This is a collection of work from the one better known as MANASYt aka Petar Tassev; a Bulgarian producer of fierce dark hi-tek electro.

Sam Lowry is an alias for his deeper work. Still operating under the stylings of electro, still dark, but with more depth, ambience, space and indeed soundtrack vibes than his traditionally faster MANASYt machinations.

Currently his 6 track EP; The Great Indoors is available for free download thou Petar is looking to getting the EP signed and releasing it properly. You can contact him directly if you’re a label interested in helping to make that happen.

Sam Lowry – The Great Indoors EP
Sam Lowry – Secret Time
Sam Lowry – Treatment #8
Sam Lowry – Burr Hole
Sam Lowry – Starliner Island
Sam Lowry – Black Poetry
Sam Lowry – Hell.FM


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