Posthuman’s ‘Lander Remixes’ CD/digital for pay what you want

First off, I meant to post this before I swanned off to Bloc. Weekend, and turns out, that I forgot. So I’ve since remembered and it’s at that point that this post comes into relevance.

Last year Posthuman released their mighty track Lander which together with the slamming remix by electro/breakbeat rinser Cursor Miner caused quite a stir in the electronica circles you and I dwell in during the dark hours. As a follow up to that fantastic release comes this remix package, available digitally and as a physical CD. Now here’s the kicker, whilst pay what you want (the name your price model) is becoming a trend with digital only releases, for proper physical releases such as is being offered here it’s pretty unheard of. The lowdown is that you can have this superb collection of remixes on CD for as much you want to pay. It’s really up to you on how much you think this music is worth.

11 track glass-mastered professional CD with full sleeve artwork, or digital download in FLAC/WAV/MP3. No minimum price, cover postage and bandcamp costs only for CD.

The artists contributing to the remix roster is something else as well. You’ve Global Goon, Echaskech, Lifecycle, Input Junkie, Origin Primate, Mr. No Hands and others. There are 11 tracks on this package.

If you don’t have the original in your collection pick that up as well (you can still grab a copy on 10″ vinyl or digitally).

Posthuman – Lander Remixes

Posthuman – Lander (Mr. No Hands Lunar Funk remix)
Posthuman – Lander (Global Goon remix)
Posthuman – Lander (Brake 7’s Jeep Following mix)
Posthuman – Lander (Input Junkie Dub)
Posthuman – Lander (Snapmouth remix)
Posthuman – Lander – Myth! Print
Posthuman – Lander (B.Q.O.M. remix)
Posthuman – Lander (Lifecycle remix)
Posthuman – Lander (Jose Bee disco dust remix)
Posthuman – Lander (Original Primate remix)
Posthuman – Lander (Echaskech Triple X mix)


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