Cachexy – Tacet Sed Loquitur

With so much music flying around cyberspace you need to sometimes look beyond the new releases and go back a bit. 2006 perhaps. 2006 when the Ukrainian artist Cachexy released his 6 track album Taced Sed Loquitor on popular-round-these-parts netlabel Enough Records.

Bleak ambient noise make up this albums content. Opener Slough; a delicate brooding sludge of clicky static and electronic gritty drone waves, aptly setting the tone of the remainder of this work. Reason:Logic:Scheme feels like the soundtrack to a nightmare building in high toned despair across its 22 minutes. A subtle dark work.

Cachexy – Tacet Sed Loquitur

Cachexy – Slough
Cachexy – Unconscious Factory of Univers
Cachexy – Order:Control
Cachexy – Life:Vermin
Cachexy – Reason:Logic:Scheme
Cachexy – Black Fear (Faust Cover)


Darkfloor Sound. A Label