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DVNT – September 2011

It has been ages since I’ve put together a chart so one is long overdue.

Well, the Mantis Radio archives give a good indication of stuff I’m really feeling at the time but it’s clearer in a 10 point list format. Despite being numerically structured from 1-10 these aren’t in any specific order where one track is much better than the other one, these are just 10 tracks I’m really feeling and felt the urge to share with you.

DVNT – September 2011
King Cannibal vs Ghettozoid – One Night Boy Toy [dub] hear it
Jon E Alpha – Nu Life [bandcamp/jonealpha] review
Modeselektor – Evil Twin feat. Otto von Schirach [Monkeytown Records]
Dead Sound & Videohead – Pench [Acroplane Recordings]
C Mantle – L Mink (wee djs remix) [Acre Recordings]
Radiohead – Bloom (Objekt remix) [Ticker Tape]
Mobthrow – Flashback [Mindtrick Recordings]
Go Hiyama – Thirst for Blood [Audio Assault]
Cachexy – Slough [Enough Records]
Swarm Intelligence – Once Bitten [Invisible Agent]


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