C Mantle’s Experimental Noise mix.

This mix, put together by the dark electronics producer C Mantle plays host to some of his favourite experimental noise and serves as a good introduction into the harsher more abstract sounds contained within that production styling.

Some names you’ll recognise; Autechre, Aphex Twin, Atari Teenage Riot, Mika Vainio and Pan Sonic. Some you might be less familiar with, as I myself am.

C Mantle – Experimental Noise

Pan Sonic – Etaisyys
Pan Sonic – Rahina
Mika Vainio – Monumentii
Last Boss – Yoko Ono’s ‘Night’ Remix
Islaja – Muusinaa
Aphex Twin – Aphex Airlines
Noise Conrete – Kyoto Pt.2
Aphex Twin – Aphex Airlines
Lithops – Wammo
Clifford + Calix – Cket
Coh Plays Cosey – Inside
Atom Smasher – Skitchy
Atari Teenage Riot – Live At The Brixton Academy
Coh Plays Cosey – Inside
Nemeth – Luukkaankangas
Autechre – T Ank Ra Ken
Pan Sonic – Johto 5
Jazkamer – Chestnut Thornback Tar (Mix)
Vankmen – If You Want To Bump Let’s Go
Jazkamer – Chestnut Thornback Tar (Mix)
Whitehouse – Fairground Muscle Twitcher
Pan Sonic – Corona
Village Of Savoonga – Loop Doggy Snoop
Mika Vainio – Omerta


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