the dones * black_ops – hopes (disintegration)

Darkfloor favourite black_ops, together with now regular production partner Pastor dones have a new EP out – the five track hopes (disintegration).

This is the duo’s 3rd EP, following June’s alamut and July’s prayers. It’s another sublime blend of the drone headspace that black_ops champions on his numerous (and essential) mixes. Between their London and Greenville, South Carolina studios, the production pair really understand the sound of drone . Ethereal, unworldly, comforting and yet alien – the texture of sound blend in and out, weaving, floating, drifting into each other. Bleak and cold, or calm and emotive – the sounds on hopes (disintegration) can be felt as either depending on the listener’s choice and state of mind.

The EP’s mid point all you need to know is the language is built with speech, constructing abstracted chatter that is just out of reach of an understanding of what is said. It adds to the appeal and allure of the duo’s sound, bridged between focus and of background. It’s the sure sign of good drone music – something with enough interest to capture your attention if you direct yourself to it. But, still with the beatless drift to populate a space, never overpowering it. Essentially it’s a fine line.

All told, this is the 3rd time this US/UK drone duo has impressed. Long may it continue.

released on no ordinary day at all, to bring you hope and disintegration.

dopamine – the good stuff.
serotonin – the misunderstood good stuff.

pastor dones – dopamine
black_ops – serotonin


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