the Darkfloor Daily – 16.10.2013

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So, as I said before, Breaking Bad is OVER. An appropriate mourning period has passed and I’ve taken steps to seek out a new distraction. After all, a girl has needs, right?! My new televisual obsession is American Horror Story. It’s been birthed out of what are clearly some very sick minds but is SO GOOD!

The show has suitably twisted opening credits for each season which are accompanied by an excellent theme tune by former NIN member Charlie Clouser (who also scored the SAW films) and sound designer Cesar Davila-Irizarry.

The opening credits for the current season – American Horror Story: Coven

Check out some of the beautiful but disturbing teasers from previous seasons too.

Old Apparatus released a new EP for free download recently. Epirtsder is largely drone based, but my favourite track from it is lightest on the drone and is called Baboon.

Women in music (or lack thereof) and sexism within the industry have been major topics this year across blogs and, increasingly, in the wider media.

This week the 3rd annual Peel Lecture was on the subject of women’s representation in music and was delivered by Charlotte Church (you can listen to it via the BBC iPlayer or read the transcript). If you’re interested in the topic I’d definitely recommend the Radio 4 Woman’s Hour Women In Music Special that was broadcast over the weekend. It covers all the topics from Charlotte’s lecture but has more of a debate about them with a great panel of female guests and contributors. Lauren Laverne hosts.

While we’re thinking about women in music, please sign this petition!

Delia Derbyshire was a genius pioneer of electronic music, she worked out of the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop, composing music and designing sound effects for the beeb’s TV and radio shows. Some of her work has been released on CD compilations but only a tiny portion of her prolific output is available to the public on traditional media. The rest is lying unheard in the BBC Radiophonic Sound Archive. The petition asks the BBC to publish more of her work.


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