the Darkfloor Daily – 01.11.2013

Earlier today Robin Rimbaud, better know as Scanner, offered up to the world his previously unreleased ‘Destroyed’ remix of Just Want You – originally produced by fellow British electronics wizard Mark Van Hoen under his Locust alias.

Intended for release on Editions Mego in 2013 but strangely circumstances have left it laying on the hard drive, so rather than it gather digital dust, I thought it best to share it with the world. Download, share and enjoy.

Oscar Mulero’s PoleGroup and Ali Well’s Perc Trax are joining forces with a series of collaborative releases on the way – the aptly named Perc Trax vs. PoleGroup. Featuring on the 1st release will be dark techno slabs from Reeko, Sawf, Perc and Christian Wünsch. It will be available both on vinyl and digital formats and is due on the 11th of this month. Ahead of that the reliable imprints have given up a track a piece, for free, for you to download. A dub version of Perc’s forthcoming 405 track – which clanks along with intent we know and love of Perc’s take on things and the deeper leaning Psychodelic Vision from Reeko which has a somewhat beautiful yet verging on haunting rise to it as it develops.

The dark ambient chieftain Lustmord has upped most of his immersive and all enveloping discography to Bandcamp. Heresy and Zoetrope are ESSENTIAL listening as far as we’re concerned.

Brian Williams, or Lustmord as he’s better known, was interviewed recently by tinymixtapes – it will accompany those reissues quite nicely. They discusses his latest album The Word As Power, spirituality, references in his music, his TRINITY project…

Keeping things on a drone/ambient tip – Textural have a fresh release out by Morphine Bandit – Hypomnesis

Other releases I’ve come across this week that are you’ll likely have missed include the new album – Decoder – by Xenofish. It’s the German producer’s second album, and is a trippy, dripping drum n bass electronica glitch album. Broken Interface is pretty listening to it through headphones, gargling abstracted bleeps, blips and grinds.

Another one is this free two tracker from Syk2ne – Abnormal Behaviour. It’s pretty up in your grill hard as darkstep with elements of breakcore, drill n bass, glitch and what might be described even as metalstep – but that’s a horrible term so we won’t use that.

That said – these tracks are quite something.

Finally today one for the visualists, VJs and video folk out there – here’s the full stream of the A.Visualist documentary from 2010.

A documentary film on a journey to capture the essential culture of visual performance of a visualist. The journey take place in Tokyo, Japan and span across the globe in order to capture the example of these visualist.

As the new century arrive, a new art form also been anticipated across the world with computer technology, internet and the ephemeral. A.Visualist represent challenges to all the existing art form by changing the new dynamicism in art movement and the magnitude of visual in art and music and film.


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