Drexciya – the film.

The all things Drexciyan – Drexciya Research Lab, has come across a science fiction short inspired by the myth of the Drexciya back story. Filmed on location in Africa last year, the 28 minute short shot on Super 16mm, directed by Simon Rittmeier, had a screening last month in Germany. Alongside the trailer, here’s the synopsis:

Thomas works as a trafficker for European refugees that are seeking a better life in Africa. One day his ship sinks and he finds himself as the only survivor washed up on the African shore. He tries to reach the next megacity: Drexciya, an advanced high-tech world.

Somewhere in the desert he is stopped by a huge light fence. At the end of his rope a group of young Africans stumble across him: Sisay, Kanchebe and Dylis. After a while they decide to take him along. Yet their mission also seems to be a strange one. They are looking for an almost forgotten place.

Lost in the wide desert they come to know each other – speechless, strangers in their own land.

The trailer doesn’t really give much away, still, I’m keen to see the short.


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