Chrissy Murderbot

Chrissy Murderbot’s Year of Mixtapes Week 24: Ghettotech

I’ll let Chrissy sum this one up in his own words

This week I’ve got a tape of Ghettotech, which for you uninitiated folks is a genre of uptempo urban dance music we have here in the Midwest. The music (and the name “ghettotech” itself) originated in Detroit, and is essentially sped-up Detroit techno with a heavy dose of Miami bass music and Chicago ghetto house influence. It’s fast, it’s bass-heavy, it’s got a lot of dirty words—it’s similar to Juke, but there are some key differences that a lot of people overlook: ghettotech tends to stick to either four-on-the-floor style drum patterns or traditional Miami bass electro drum patterns, whereas juke is a lot more all over the place rhythmically; ghettotech makes a lot less use of the tom tom drum as a melodic instrument; and ghettotech tends to be “techier” or more futuristic sounding, whereas juke has a lot more of a pronounced soul, hip hop, and R&B influence. The last few years have seen a lot of music press types failing to understand this distinction, so take note. Anyway, here’s the tape!


DJ At Will – Don’t Stop
Detroit Grand Pubahs – The Clapper
Santone – D-Tech
Technasia feat. DJ Godfather & DJ Omega – Ghett-O-Freak
Drexciya – Water Walker
Bitch Ass Darius – Bang Dat Butt
Aux 88 – We Make Beats
De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig – Watskeburt (Inst. Remix)
Coon Daddy – Down 4 A Creep
DJ Assault – Deep
Jkamata – I Like 2 Ride U
Mr. Dé – Time Space Scrilla
Disco D – Keys To The Whip
Electric Soul- X²
DJ Godfather & Coon Daddy – One Time On The Mic
AJ McGhee – Why You Lookin’ At Me
DJ Godfather – Get Down
Detroit Grand Pubahs – Ride
Drexciya – Bubble Metropolis
Aux 88 – Direct Drive
DJ Marquis – Bounce It
DJ Godfather & Coon Daddy –  Player Haters In This House
DJ Assault – Mouth Blew Out
DJ Assault – Weave Pulled Out
DJ Omega – All The Way Down
DJ Guy – Freak It All Night
Craig Diamonds – Freaky Wit U
DJ Baddmixx – White Tees Remix
Los Hermanos – Quetzal
Erotek – Guess Your Weight
Bitch Ass Darius – Ride
DJ Godfather – Let’s Go
DJ Godfather – It’s Yo Birthday
DJ Guy – The Runner
Blake Baxter – Ride ‘Em Boy
DJ Omega – Pop Dat
DJ Godfather & Coon Daddy – I’m Everywhere
Starski & Clutch – Bounce
DJ Assault – Who’s Fuckin’ Tonight
Mr. Dé & Sixfoe – Throw
DJ Assault – Ass N Titties
Disco D feat. BG – Hottest Of The Hot
Erotek – Jit Shit
Raziek – Shella Ju
DJ Omega – Go For What You Know
DJ Assault – Shake It, Work It
Goon & Koyote – Let Me Lick You Up & Down
DJ Nasty – King of Kings
Coon Daddy – Big Baller
Bryan Cox – Let’s Go To Work (Kaptain Kadillac Remix)


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