MIX / Splatterhouse – On The Edge Of A Breakdown

We came across this mix from Splatterhouse earlier today. It’s from back in late 2007 but I feel is more than worthy of some Darkfloor attention in 2011. Over to Splatterhouse for more on the mix…

This is a mix that I initially put together for myself to listen to on journeys etc, but I figured some of you might like it. It consists of dark* (very dark), ‘magickal’ ambient/atmospheric tracks. It’s mostly beatless, non percussive stuff, so don’t expect complex, intricate mixing, but I spent a bit of time on the blends and programming and re-edited a few tracks slightly, so it flows nicely.

Actually, forget dark, it’s really fucking bleak – you have been warned…

Splatterhouse – On The Edge Of A Breakdown

Boyd Rice – Untitled
Fumiya Tanaka – Move
The Caretaker – On The Edge Of A Breakdown
Anthony Child – Over Napoli
Anthony Rother – 1968 (Karl O’Connor Sericulture Mix)
Trent Reznor – Untitled
Death In June – Deeper Than Love
Coil – Is Suicide A Solution?
Mogwai – Kicking A Dead Pig (Surgeon remix)
Karjalan Sissit – Kiitan Puolestani
Boyd Rice & Friends – Their Bad Blood
Karjalan Sissit – Nagon Vacker Dag Far Du Smaka Pa Finn Yxan Javla Rip-off Gubbe
Trent Reznor – Untitled
Nine Inch Nails w/ Coil – The Downward Spiral (The Bottom)
Nine Inch Nails w/ Coil – Erased, Over, Out
Death In June & Boyd Rice – Storm On The Sea

Image by Bill Weisner


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