Swarm Intelligence, live at Krake Festival 2014

Freshly from last weeks Berlin based 5 day Krake festival are these, 95 minutes of Swarm Intelligence.

Recorded direct from the Urban Basement floor what follows is a typically vicious, bleak techno grind.

Big thanks to the Krake crew for having me down and to all the ravers who packed out the room within the first few minutes of me starting and kept moving right the way through!

For more Krake Festival, check out last weeks Stalker, the monthly show on Future Music FM that Swarm Intelligence hosts with Rory St John. It features exclusive sessions from Krake artists – Dead Fader, Spear and Sebastian Kökow.

Swarm Intelligence – live at Krake 2014
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Virile Games – Nailed to the Living Heart of Heaven
KETEV – Akkad
Swarm Intelligence – Lift
Pan Sonic – Virta 1. / Current 1
IKE Yard – Cherish 8 (Vessel remix)
Swarm Intelligence – Antenna
Violet Poison – Vira Serpens Secrets
Swarm Intelligence – Cutter
Stave – Reform
Robotron and Ader – Causality
Anstam – Aeto B
Swarm Intelligence – Sidhe (feat. Esker)
Shifted – Wash Over Me
Lucy – The Self As Another (Eomac remix)
400 PPM – Occupational Exposure
Pat Hime – Asystole
Swarm Intelligence – Gulf
Lakker – Harbour
Kareem – The Sky Is Gone But You Are Still Here
Corax – Drakkar
Swarm Intelligence – Klang
Myler – Swindelous (Ansome remix)
Perc & Truss – Van Der Valk
Faetch – Kväim
Defekt – Chain Drive
o9 – Terminal Grey
Weevol – Worms in Your Stinky Ears
Tinfoil – Foil 5
Daniel Jacobson – Deansgrange By Night
Headless Horseman – Legend (Ancient Methods Sharp Cut)
Ontal – EMR (Airsilk remix)
These Hidden Hands – When Told
NHKyx – Perfectchange
Diamond Version – Empowering Change (Version)
Monolake – Interrupt
Black Narcissus – VARLA 1
Shxcxchcxsh – Rjrjrffrjrj
MPIA3 – Ely
Stingrays – Unleashed
C Mantle – 235_urán
Mael – Clyd
Swarm Intelligence – Visceral


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