Zero Is Enough – Special RadiaLX 100704

The ever prolific and musically wide netlabel Enough Records (who if you recall were showcased back on the 30th Mantis Radio) have just published this mix, which is something rather special. A sampler mixtape compiled from the immense back catalogue of Enough Records and mixed by Merankorii as a special mix for the RadiaLX radioshow.

This mix is best described as dark ambient with more than a nod to cinematic sound, to say this mix is deep and relaxing is to do it a disservice. The sound in this mix is a journey full, where it takes you whilst you turn off and zone out to it is down to you. It really is time well spent delving into the Enough Records back catalogue.

Zero Is Enough – Special RadiaLX 100704

Vysehrad – Comsat
ps – lost in familiar alleys
Merankorii – Cry
(morse) – F, Volume I
Adrian Juarez – Hummel (Roman Slavka remix)
structura – inominavel p04
Jari Pitkänen – Nemesia
+ko+ko+ – Thunder One
Jorge Nunes – dodó das maurícias
Turmoil – The World Is A Toilet
nny – zro:ne
Ambiansu – The Train’s Bar
seetyca – die hände eiskalt
Sparagmos – Sparagmos
Proyecto de Prueba – 145
Deison – Frame 05

cover artwork is by Francisco Noá.


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