Xhin live at Dirtclub, Berlin

It would be remiss of me not to post this recording from one of the current leading lights in techno; Xhin. This producer/DJ mixes a diverse range of styles within his sets, all built on a solid techno base resulting in something altogether quite Darkfloor in vibe. Recorded live at Dirtclub, Berlin on October 15th.

The tracklist is something you just don’t see these days with so many DJs playing just their narrow style of particular sound, playing it safe and delivering just what people expect, rather than exceeding the crowd expectations. Case in point: Grandmaster Flash, The Knife, Autechre, Bass Clef…

If you’re in London on November 12th you can catch Xhin live, celebrating the launch of his début album Sword for the Stroboscopic Artefacts label. He’ll be joined by Inigo Kennedy, Lucy, and Pfirter.

Xhin live at Dirtclub, Berlin 15.10.2011

Oscar Mulero – The Darker Days
Arrestar – Thoughts & Emotions (Grovskopa remix)
Reeko – Empirical Science
Planetary Assault Systems – Bell Blocker
Percy X – X-Trax 1
Drexciya – Black Sea
Torq – Angelica Voices
Untold – Sweat
Cottam – Deep Deep Down
Anthony Shakir – The Floorfiller (Skudge’s Floor Killer Version)
Bam Bam – Where’s Your Child
KiNK – Detunator
Inigo Kennedy – Revenge
Lucy, Xhin – LX2
Xhin – Untitled
Perc – London, We Have You Surrounded
Autechre – Vietrmx (Plaid remix)
Scuba – Adrenalin
Blawan – Vibe Decorium
Mike Dehnert – Klartext
Fran Hartnett – Game Code
Reeko – Untitled
Jeff Mills – Automatic
Ken Ishii – Misprogrammed Day (Dave Angel remix)
Stephen Brown – After Life
Acid Elf – Unrehearsal Vindicator
Robotman – Do Da Doo (Plastikman’s Acid House remix)
UR – The Jaguar
Adam Beyer – Simple Maze (Skudge remix)
Boddika – Boddika’s House
Co-fusion – E-Dancer
Grandmaster Flash – The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheel of Steel
Ken Ishii – Free Energy
The Knife – Silent Shout
Popol Vuh – Nachts Schee – Ambient Edit (Mika Vainio remix)
Bass Clef – Rollercoasters of the Heart
Architect – I Lost My 808 On A Rainy Day
Reeko – Angels and Demons
Vex’d – Pop Pop V.I.P.


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