Brendon Moeller’s Echologist readies EP for Mord

Mord come at it with another club collection of techno, this time from Brendon Moeller’s Echologist guise. Moeller packs five tracks on the vinyl, including the runaway winners Lucky Bastard and the fantastic murker that is Penetration. Those on the digital side of things get an extra two tracks, including the bleepy worker Lust. Full tracklist below.

Bas Mooy’s Mord imprint continues to blaze a trail for deep leaning dancefloor techno. Out August 14th.

I want to let her know though
that all the nights
sleeping beside her
even the useless arguments
were things ever splendid
and the hard words
I ever feared to say
can now be said:
our bones like stems into the sky
will forever cry victory.

A1. Echologist – Shake Well
A2.Echologist – Inside Dimensions
B1. Echologist – Lucky Bastard
B2. Echologist – Transformer
B3. Echologist – Penetration
Echologist –  Expansion
Echologist – Lust


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