Boris Noiz – Omniforma on Yellow Machines

Fresh from his stunning (and debut live recording) showcase session for Mantis Radio two weeks back, samples of the new EP for London’s Yellow Machines have hit the net from Serbia’s Boris Noiz.

Following up last years EP Triptych on Scanone’s Yellow Machines record label; the EP Omniforma is promising to be essential weaponry for any forward thinking DJ.

Puls goes squelch on the rolling vibes. Stripped to the basics its groove is deadly infectious. You know all those bass music electro stepper tracks that seem to be flooding certain record shops stock, well, this puts them all to shame with its nailed to the core lock down.

The other sample to surface from the EP is the title track Omniforma. And. Oh. My. What a serious flex this is. The drop into the still squelchy snap is just so good. Noiz builds it, adding in increasing depth and layers like a true master. And this is just off a 2 and a half minute sample. I cannot wait to hear the whole thing. The track switches up and just keeps on building. I for one will be waiting with baited breath for the EP to see release.

Rag & Bone’s joint chief Warlock pretty much nails it with: like a collision between Belgian Euro and Boddika. Heavy.

Coming soon.


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