AJA releases fundraiser single ‘Lend you a Lung’

Earlier today the noise and performance powerhouse that is AJA released via her Bandcamp Lend you a Lung, a two track single, to raise funds for a close friend of hers.

Writing on Facebook about the release:

A few days ago, I found out a dear friend and fellow creative, Lee James White has been diagnosed with cancer.

Lee has been a huge inspiration and amazing friend to me over the years, an important influential figure is shaping the music scene in Nottingham and a loving father and family member.

To help support his campaign to raise the money he needs for treatment, I’ve produced a 2 track EP ‘Lend you a Lung’ – all proceeds go towards helping Lee to raise funds to fight cancer!

Please give what you can, Lee has been a huge inspiration to so many people including myself, creatively and as a loving friend, we need your help!!

Many thanks to Andrew Course for mastering the EP for free and LU LA LOOP for the costume on the album art.

Find out more about Lee’s campaign here at GoFundMe.


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