Asolaar’s noise for Metaphysik and Kvitnu

You know when you hear a preview of a track and internally your mind screams – hell yes! – you know that feeling right? Well, the sound of Argentina’s Asolaar‘s does exactly that.

There are noise releases and there are noises releases – some fall to the wayside as self indulgence, lacking substance and are all told some studio wank-off no-one needs to hear. And some sit up, punch you in the face and put your jaw on the floor. The work of Dario Pinto Calvis is firmly in the latter camp.

Calvis’ Asolaar alias has just a few releases to his name to date – his co-owned Sincro Netlabel intentionally have put out about 1 release a year since 2001 – but with his late 2013 Obliterate on Berlin’s label-to-watch Metaphysik and his last week released Interceptor on Ukrainian’s noise specialists Kvitnu – he’s making all the right kind of impressions and sonics. His powerful electronics sound is intense, dense, at points vicious even – but fantastically produced throughout. This is the sound of a producer who knows his equipment and signal creation process better than I know what I have for lunch today.

Excuse me whilst I blast my ears apart.


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