A Sides, Cool Hand Flex & Uncle 22 – Live PA (circa 1992)

Here’s something for the history books, a live and probably quite rare PA circa ’92 of A Sides, Cool Hand Flex & Uncle 22 flexing their machines.

The heads up for this archive slice of hardcore rave goes to over to all things oldskool: blog to the oldskool, and indeed to A Sides for uploading the recording.

There isn’t a huge amount of information attached to the mix, but there is enough for the rave and hardware anoraks amongst you

The pre jungle days with Cool Hand Flex and Uncle 22 when we were all based out of De Underground Records in East London!! We did this set at Heaven and at The Astoria in London all the way live. Kit list: Roland Juno 2, Akai S950, Ensoniq EPS16+, Atari 1040 running Notator, Roland TR 909, Korg M1, Alesis HR16B, Alesis Quadraverb and an 8 track Studio Master Desk :p

Jason Cambridge’s A Sides is still gigging and these days is a Serato ambassador. Cool Hand Flex‘s Pete Aymer and Uncle 22‘s Desmond Fearon I’m less confident of what they are up to. Few people seem to retire in this game, so I’m thinking they are still out there recording.

This is one wicked half hour mind you.

A Sides, Cool Hand Flex & Uncle 22 – Live PA (circa 1992)


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