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Mantis Radio 297 – 8cylinder

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Pittsburgh’s 8cylinder serves some raw rhythmic electronics to the guest session. It’s bolstered by music from Mindtrick Records, Franck Vigroux, Max Cooper, Arcon 2, Sebastian Kramer, Si Begg, Luxus Varta, Audio, TeeBee, Synkro and, the first play of our new Darkfloor Sound EP, featuring Ezuri.

Aeon Waves – Mute Angel [Mindtrick Records]
Franck Vigroux – Cap [Jezgro]
Arcon 2 – Unorthadox Activity [Reinforced Records]
Monster X – Ultra [Black Opal]
Uniform & The Body – Gallows In Heaven [Sacred Bones Records]
City – Rockeater [City]
Max Cooper – Parting Ways (feat. Six Sigma) [Mesh]
Ezuri – Moments [Darkfloor Sound]
Sebastian Kramer – The Night [Mord]
Ray Kajioka – Minute 53 [Kanzleramt]
Si Begg – Elektronisch For Pleasure [Love Love Records]
L-R – Where Them Lights At [Asking For Trouble]
Luxus Varta – Feline [Nocta Numerica Records]

8cylinder – Recorded September 2019

Synkro – Knowledge [Apollo]
Hybris – Not Bug [Pseudoscience Recordings]
TeeBee – Bounce [Photek Productions]
Audio – Pounded [Tech Freak Recordings]

Featured Guest

Writing music since the mid 90s, 8cylinder started Thac0 Records in 2005 releasing the likes of Somatic Responses, Xanopticon, and Prometheus Burning. As a member of BxC collective he helps organise off-kilter electronic music events in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Throughout the early 2000s he circuit bent old toy keyboards and programmed a handful of Game Boy audio programs to use during his live performances (the Game Boy programs are still available on his site for anyone to use). A self confessed synth geek, he’s a co-host of the SysEx Dumpster podcast, with Nick Breinich and Greg VanEck.

In 2010 8cylinder began releasing 10” records of his own material through Unmapped North, the most recent EP of which – The Language Of Nerves Spoken In A Crude Dialect – was released back in July. It’s four tracks of cello and electronica, and sounds fantastic.

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