214 – Welcome to 2012

Brand new mix from the US electro producer and DJ 214.

214 – Welcome to 2012
CRC – Disposal Robot [Zyntax Motorcity]
Plant 43 – Leaves (EOC remix) [Ai]
Frank Serious feat Max Durante – Under the Sea [Prodamkey]
The Exaltics – No Time to Spend [Dominance Records]
Marco Bernardi – Power Influctuation [Frustrated Funk]
Carl Finlow – Reflection [Open Concept Recordings]
Rutherford – Cabinfever Relief [KONDI]
214 – Sunk Against the Wall [unreleased]
Jakob Hilden and Red Robin – Snapdragon [Trapez Ltd]
Dez Williams – Expensive Lust [unreleased]
Jimmy Edgar – Straight of Mouth (Subtle remix) [Semantica]
Ion Driver – Warm [unreleased]
AS1 – Mood Sequence 007 [Transient Force]
Luke Eargoggle and Anders Ilar – Motioncity Decade [Open Concept Recordings]
Mathew Jonson – Ghosts in the AI [Wagon Repair]


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