Thatswecalltechno#9 – RF:Sound

Stuffed full of just the darkly vibed kind of techno we at Darkfloor relish, this is the 9th Thatswecalltechno.

Compiled and mixed by Audioexit signed producer RF:Sound. His EP of industrial strength offbeat techno is available for free from the Hungarian netlabel, released back in June. Not quite sure why I didn’t post something up about it; it’s solid, dark dancefloor flare afterall. Here’s the mix anyways.

Thatswecalltechno#9 – RF:Sound
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RF:Sound – Silence (Intro)
Stanislav Tolkachev – Back To My Self [Subsist]
Northem Estructures – Self Similarity [Sonic Groove]
Rafal Furst – Bankowa [Audioexit Records]
Sp-X – Flux [Komisch]
RF:Sound – No Exit [Audioexit Records]
RF:Sound – Kha
Lolo Aka Acidus – Dino
Robert Hood -. Bells At Dusk [M-Plant]
RF:Sound – D.R.S.T
Lucy & Herculino – Gmork (Luke Slater remix) [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Andariel – What Do You Want From Me [Singularity Rec.]
Cbtø – Ø [Soundsource]
Surgeon – Shaper Of The Unknown [Counterbalance]
Surgeon – Radiance [Dynamic Tension]
hadji – Mutavluk Na Najjache [Labrynth]
Oscar Mulero – Horses [Pole]
Obscurum – Dom (Fanon Flower remix) [Planet Rhythm]
Radial – Off The Records [Planet Rhythm]
lolo aka Acidus – Combustión [dub]
Mike Parker – Subterranean Liquid [Prologue]
Oscar Mulero – Repeater [Warm Up Recordings]
lolo aka Acidus – Cerebral
RF:Sound – Syv
Silent Servant – El Mar (Svreca remix) [Semantica Records]


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