Thatswecalltechno#9 – RF:Sound

by on September 21, 2011 in Mixes

Stuffed full of just the darkly vibed kind of techno we at Darkfloor relish, this is the 9th Thatswecalltechno.

Compiled and mixed by Audioexit signed producer RF:Sound. His EP of industrial strength offbeat techno is available for free from the Hungarian netlabel, released back in June. Not quite sure why I didn’t post something up about it; it’s solid, dark dancefloor flare afterall. Here’s the mix anyways.

Thatswecalltechno#9 – RF:Sound
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RF:Sound – Silence (Intro)
Stanislav Tolkachev – Back To My Self [Subsist]
Northem Estructures – Self Similarity [Sonic Groove]
Rafal Furst – Bankowa [Audioexit Records]
Sp-X – Flux [Komisch]
RF:Sound – No Exit [Audioexit Records]
RF:Sound – Kha
Lolo Aka Acidus – Dino
Robert Hood -. Bells At Dusk [M-Plant]
RF:Sound – D.R.S.T
Lucy & Herculino – Gmork (Luke Slater remix) [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Andariel – What Do You Want From Me [Singularity Rec.]
Cbtø – Ø [Soundsource]
Surgeon – Shaper Of The Unknown [Counterbalance]
Surgeon – Radiance [Dynamic Tension]
hadji – Mutavluk Na Najjache [Labrynth]
Oscar Mulero – Horses [Pole]
Obscurum – Dom (Fanon Flower remix) [Planet Rhythm]
Radial – Off The Records [Planet Rhythm]
lolo aka Acidus – Combustión [dub]
Mike Parker – Subterranean Liquid [Prologue]
Oscar Mulero – Repeater [Warm Up Recordings]
lolo aka Acidus – Cerebral
RF:Sound – Syv
Silent Servant – El Mar (Svreca remix) [Semantica Records]