07.07 / tonight on Mantis Radio – Huck Farper

In session on Darkfloor’s Mantis Radio tonight we have a session from Canada’s noisy techno mofo Huck Farper.

Tune in live on Future Music FM, or catch up from Wednesday on the podcast, at Mixcloud or direct.

2000 BST London
2100 CET Berlin
1500 EST New York
1200 PST Los Angeles
0400 JST Tokyo (Weds)

Huck Farper. His music is rammed with noise, industrial rhythm, drones – and howling skulls.

Sounds of the times, as humanity marches into darkness, so will our soundtrack. Governments are taking away rights faster than we acheived them. Privacy is an illusion. Tune in, turn on, drop out – destroy.

His latest work – Meester Death

Farper does his own thing when it comes to music production, playing my own his own rules. Beats, drones, and psychedelic mindscapes fuse with techno and tribal roots, doused in noise. Earlier this year Farper began recording as Bone Skippers, a joint project with Scottish based Kenny Campbell.

You can find material from Huck Farper on Rafarta Records and General Surgery. His joint project Bone Skippers has released lined up for General Surgery, Oyabun Trax, Monolith Records and a V/A tape release on AKS.

On our last Mantis Radio show, Pale Noir’s Mahr provided us with a shadow black journey into inspirations and current faves.

Mantis Radio 184 + Huck Farper


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