Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag announce mixtape for Modern Trips

Whilst I don’t completely ‘get’ the somewhat hipster resurgence in releasing EPs on tape. Beyond the somewhat obvious fact that they are very cheap to produce. The forthcoming mixtape from Unclean and Pripad aka Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag does get my attention.

Their mixes are pretty much pure Darkfloor in flavour and that’s why this is the first ‘tape’ release I’m actually interested in. The duo have shared a 10 minute segment of what I presume to be of a 45 minute one side mix; with C U N providing the mix on the cassette’s flip side.

Released on Friday (April 19th) as a limited handmade run of 100 cassettes through tape label / art collective Modern Trips; these are sure to sell out. So here’s your heads up notice period.

Scott Walker – Buzzers
Plaster – Double Connection (Sturqen remix)
Kerridge – Waiting For Love 1
Pan Sonic – Vahentaja
Einstürzende Neubauten – Aufrecht Gehen
Conforce – Embrace
Regis – Blood Witness (Version)
Autechre – vekoS
Addditiv – Bolus
Mondkopf – Ease Your Pain (Somaticae remix)
Death Abyss – Conformity Is Suicide
Skirt – Tumulto
Alan Vega – Station Station


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