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Mantis Radio 184 – Huck Farper

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In session we’ve Canada’s technoiser Huck Farper. Elsewhere we’ve new music by Khost, Kerridge, Fis, Bjork & Haxan Cloak, Mr Jones, Shed, O/H & AnD.

Kerridge – Sonic Instruments Of War 01 [Contort]
EUS – Postpérdida- Bewitxed (Witxes remix) [EUS]
Khost – Vmih [Cold Spring]
Jahtari Riddim Force – London version [Jahtari]
Hypoxia – Profanity [Eatbrain]
Signs – Vermin (Jade remix) [Eatbrain]
clipping. – BODY & BLOOD (GRYPT remix) [Deathbomb Arc]
Fis – Ebb [Loopy]
Bjork – Mouth Mantra (The Haxan Cloak Mix) [One Little Indian]
Cio D’or – Now Is Ever [Semantica]
Rrose – Vellum [Eaux]
Ingen / Dronelock – Pearls (Valmay remix 1) [Duality]
Exium – Monopoles [PoleGroup]
Mr Jones – Reversible [The Public Stand]
Servent – Distressed State [Dust REC.]
ADJ – Re-Alignment [Digital Distortions]
Shed – Crystal Cubes [The Final Experiment]
Matrixxman – Red Light District [Ghostly]
AnD – Power Spectrum (O/H remix) [Electric Deluxe]

Oyaars – Zemdega
Swarm Intelligence – Motionless Sky
Bombardier – Pressure
Blood Music – Badgering
Container – Eject
Huck Farper – SS.Nanu
Huck Farper – Eroded Systems
Huck Farper – After the Eclipse
Huck Farper – Southern Sky
Front Line Assembly – Echogenic (Youth Code remix)
Bone Skippers – 30 hits
Bone Skippers – Rewind the Mage
Huck Farper – Improv Live Hardware Ditty

Featured Guest

Huck Farper’s music is rammed with noise, industrial rhythm, drones – and howling skulls.

Sounds of the times, as humanity marches into darkness, so will our soundtrack. Governments are taking away rights faster than we achieved them. Privacy is an illusion. Tune in, turn on, drop out – DESTROY.

His latest work Meester Deathis vicious, narly, and Darkfloor to the core.

Farper does his own thing when it comes to music production, playing by own his own rules. Beats, drones, and psychedelic mindscapes fuse with techno and tribal roots, doused in noise. Earlier this year Farper began recording as Bone Skippers, a joint project with Scottish based Kenny Campbell.

Mantis Radio returns, July 21st with a session from Thing.

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