Vacu Sessions 08 – .at/on

The new Vacu Sessions (09) hit the networks earlier today and in so checking it out I noticed the 8th from .at/on.

As you are probably assuming, correctly, I had missed this when it went live. I first heard .at/on last year some time and I was quickly drawn into the intricate and minimal sound design presented in Anton Holota’s work. He’s a Ukrainian musician who has been releasing glitched aural sound sculptures since 2004. His most recent release on netlabel Entity is worth a look for those of you into your more abstract sounds.


.at/on – Start The Session
.at/on – Uncofidence
.at/on – Prosper (Vacu Edit)
.at/on – Prosper (Feedback)
.at/on – Rest
.at/on – Tree (Vacu Edit)
.at/on – Calling (Vacu Edit)
.at/on – Moon On The Play Ground


Darkfloor Sound. A Label