Vacu Sessions 12 – v4w.enko

The rather excellent Vacu Sessions continues with this, the 12th mix of the series. Put together by sound designer v4w.enko, the Ukrainian based Eugen Vashchenko. This is somewhat abstract but it’s well crafted abstract that I for one really enjoyed listening to.

It should go without saying that you check out the other 11 mixes in the series.

Vacu Sessions 12 – v4w.enko

V4w.Enko – Centrala Vivertali (8Hertz, 2007)
V4w.Enko – C (CVXD+E, 2010)
V4w.Enko – Rthmlineweanimoise (Various – We Are One, 2010)
V4w.Enko – Interval Induction (Harmonic Ratio, 2009)
V4w.Enko – Dt_fragment3 (Dot Seq Livies Podcaszzs, 2009)
V4w.Enko – Dt_fragment2 (Dot Seq Livies Podcaszzs, 2009)
V4w.Enko – Statement1___03 (Harmonic Ratio, 2009)
V4w.Enko – Black Space (FFSPACE, 2010)
V4w.Enko – Earth2_0-23 (Harmonic Ratio, 2009)
V4w.Enko – Premodulated Space (FFSPACE, 2010)
V4w.Enko – Concrete Air (Airopen, 2009)


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