rookas – hidden faces

Taking things into a deeper technoid headspace is where this ‘hidden faces‘ mix from Rookas ventures.

The Lithuanian DJ, Rook As, has a good ear for the back room inner warehouse vibe as this 90 minute selection of near relentlessness reveals. No track names, just artists. There’s a grim undercurrent of black faceless techno.

A bag of records and some tracks in Traktor, so you should hear few mistakes here and there and i would change order of some tracks, but then again what is perfect?

Rookas is part of the D.A.I project with with partner Split Pulse.

rookas – hidden faces

Plastikman [M_nus]
DSCRD [Dement3d]
Wolfgang Voigt [Magazine]
Traversable Wormhole [Traversable Wormhole]
Orphx [Sonic Groove]
Alva Noto [Raster-Noton]
Mas Teeveh feat. Unperson [Archetype Records]
Alien Rain [Alien Rain]
Mike Parker [Prologue]
Abstract Division [Dynamic Reflection]
O/V/R [O/V/R Live]
R.Gorl [Disko B]
Phase [Token]
Jeff Mills [Purpose Maker]
Regis [Downwards]
Max Duley [ARC(ANE)]
Smear [Forward Strategy Group]
Jeroen Search & Dimi Angelis [A&S]
Various Artists [FatCat Records]
Frank Hunter [ZET]
Teste [Plus 8]
Tommy Gillard [Continual]
Makaton [Rodz-Konez]
Heiko Laux [Kanzleramt]
Mono Junk [Dum Trax]
Mike Parker [Prologue]
Jeff Mills [Purpose Maker]


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