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the Darkfloor Stalker

D: I’ll be brief. I’d like to welcome a new writer here at Darkfloor in the shape of Berlin’s Swarm Intelligence; producer and owner of Stasis Records.

Hi there and welcome to the Darkfloor Stalker. Every month, I’ll be hunting down 10 tracks of darkfloor music from sketches to dubs to new releases. (Swarm has also provided a mix of these 10 cuts, just head down the page)

So without further ado…

the Darkfloor Stalker

Dingy Dysu – Rave to the Grave
Dingy Dysu‘s music lurks somewhere in between noise, 2-step and old horror movie soundtracks. Originally from Japan, he moved to London in 2005 and later to Berlin, treating us Europeans to his own brand of beat-heavy and melodic music. Rave to the Grave is just how I like my 2-step; deep, dark and noisy! Its unreleased at present but you can get some bits and pieces off Dingy’s Bandcamp page.

Lakker – Glider
Next up are Lakker aka Dara Smith and Ian McDonnell. Veterans of the Irish breakcore/noise scene, their sound has taken a deeper, more melodic turn over the past few years. Glider is a perfect example of this; haunting lo-fi synths and phasing rhythms. The guys are getting much-deserved attention of late after none other than Mr Richard D James himself dropped 3 of their tracks in his last set. Glider is currently unreleased but you can hunt down their stuff on Acroplane, Alphabet Set, Stasis and Kaboogie.

Qebrus – 29 Juin 2012
Qebrus leaped out at me one day while I was scanning through page after page on Soundcloud. Intense sound-design, clever programming and LOADS of noise. It was so unique sounding I had to get in touch with him. Shrouded in mystery, his plans are to begin an alien sect called Exphobia ORG or ‘ /_/ \_|_/ \_\ ORG’, creating music without human or terrestrial influence. The tracks sound like the score to a dystopian future; After the fall of mankind, ‘the organization’ attempts to reconstruct our culture, our art and our faiths. Grab some freebies from Qebrus and buy the latest tracks over at Exphobia ORG.

Rory St John – Mechanical Prayer
Rory St John should be a familiar name to all you Darkfloor fans. His releases on Mantrap, Ante Rasa, Stasis and Limetree have big support from the likes of Surgeon, Rob Hall, Concrete DJs, and Grovskopa (to name but a few) and its not hard to see why.

His sound is dark, futuristic techno at its best, loaded with sinister pads, industrial soundscapes, distorted beats and harsh mechanical sounds. Relatively quiet recently, Rory has come out from under the radar with what is probably his best work to date. Mechanical Prayer is tripped-out goodness; shifting layers of noisy beats, weird atmospheres and sharp synths – think Autechre meets Ancient Methods. The EP is due out sometime in September on Singularity, keep an ear out- its set to cause waves!

Monolog – Zen
Monolog‘s Zen is great track, with noisy breaks, surging bass and a whole lot of attitude. Its due out on Uhrlaut late this year or early 2012. Originally from Denmark but living in Berlin, Mads Lindgren is a self-confessed software junkie and currently works for Native Instruments. In his spare time he likes to mince up little kittens and delicately rearrange them into brain-melting breaks.

Mitoma – Terminal
Being borderline obsessed with Autechre, I instantly loved Mitoma‘s work. Grainy, dissonant synths, machine-generated beats and long trippy sequences that crawl under your skin… Founders of the quality abstract netlabel Section27, Tam Ferrans and Drew Paterson must spend their every waking hour on music. With a catalogue of over 75 free releases to manage alongside their individual side projects (Nonima and the Audiologist), these Scots redefine the term ‘work ethic’ . Terminal is taken from the album Interstellar Debris.

Eomac – Arpe
Ian from Lakker releases his solo stuff under Eomac. He’s been causing waves in the bass scene recently with his mash-up of garage, uk funky, 2-step and IDM. Arpe is an electro-edged affair: tight kick-snare workouts mashed into an arpegiated synth line (as the name suggests). The track builds subtly to that sweet drop about half-way in – one for the dancefloor! Check out Ian’s latest releases on Hsüan Records and Ghetto Quietly and follow up on him at

Swarm Intelligence – Fighting Talk (VIP Mix)
Next up is one of my own tracks, recently released on a Takeover Recordings compilation. The original (available for free download at Stasis Records) was born from a failed college DSP project which yielded some pretty some fucked-up noises. This version originated from a live mash-up. Surgeon dropped it and another one off the release last week in his set at the Free Rotation festival so it goes without saying that the EP is worth grabbing. You can check out more of my releases, mixes and tutorials at

The Person – SUI Highlight
SUI Highlight comes from the same Takeover compilation and it is mind-blowing. The Person aka Alex Lennon spoils us with 9 minutes of intense programming, editing and mashing; the track never looses steam, relentlessly lurching from techno to electro to jungle and back again. Alex combines more than 17 years producing electronic music with a background in jazz, hip-hop and b-boy electro. He also organises the Leechrum festival and has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in electronic music. Expect an album due out sometime this year.

Rrritalin – Acid Banger
Finishing up with a bang (sorry, couldn’t help myself) is Rrritalin. Acid Banger is a high-octane rave assault, mashing together jungle, old school hardcore, and ghettotek with heavy dosages of sirens, hoovers and 303-lines to top it off. Tim recently released his first 12″ with Coin Operated records (watch out for ‘Fuckd n Bombd’ – heavy!). This one is due out on vinyl in the next few weeks. Be sure and grab a copy before they’re gone, its an absolute weapon!

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00:00 Dingy Dysu – Rave to the Grave [unreleased]
02:21 Lakker – Glider [Futuresequence]
05:56 Qebrus – 29 Juin 2012 [self released]
08:40 Rory St John – Mechanical Prayer [Singularity]
12:58 Monolog – Zen [Uhrlaut]
15:17 Mitoma – Terminal [Section 27]
20:14 Eomac – Arpe [self released]
22:41 Swarm Intelligence – Fighting Talk (VIP Mix) [Takeover Recordings]
26:41 The Person – SUI Highlight [Takeover Recordings]
31:27 Rrritalin – Acid Banger [Coin Operated]


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