the Darkfloor Stalker 002

Hi there and welcome to the second instalment of the Darkfloor Stalker. Got some really tasty bits lined up for you this month; Lush pad-driven electronica, wonky electro, rhythmic noise and tripped-out breaks – even some rinsing Junglish mayhem to finish! As always these tracks are fresh as they come, quite a few dubs (attention labels!) in there. If you’re a producer or label owner and imagine your tracks among the selection here, send me something via my dropbox for consideration.

the Darkfloor Stalker

Eutechnik – Freezeframe
Opening up with some lush electronics; Freezeframe is reminiscent of prime 90’s electronica- warm synths, waves of blissful ambience and crunchy lo-fi breaks to keep the head nodding. Eutechnik aka Brian Smith is an Irish producer living in Berlin. He works with homemade interfaces and devices based on reacTIVision and other motion-capture software. Some of these have been exhibited as interactive installations (those in Berlin in September be sure to check out Quergaenge Marzahn). He says his interest lies in “attempting to explore the connections and bridge the gaps between human interaction and electronics- to blur the lines between sound-art and electronic dance music”. Grab his EP on Centrifuge (under his electro alter-ego, Nexus) and be sure and check his SoundCloud for more free downloads.

Cignol – Ask This
Cignol’s Ask This continues this vibe with warm Juno pads and juicy 808 beats. Originally concieved as a remix of Plastikman’s Ask Yourself, the track took a twist and quickly shed most of the original from it. “I’m sure Mr Hawtin won’t mind” he jokes. Cignol is Paul Hamock, a core member of Dublin’s Alphabet SetShels Music and Kaboogie. His track Leiden EX on the latter got support from Rob Hall who finished up with it last time he played in Berlin’s notorious Berghain club (check the set out here). Paul, better known for his melodic electronica sound, has taken a new direction, producing wonky dancefloor-friendly beats, tapping into his techno and electro roots to devastating effect – Ask This being a perfect example of this. Head over to Cignol’s soundcloud to hear more and to grab a few freebies, including this wonderful mix of Plaid’s Stills.

C Mantle – Geh Won
Those of you with a regular eye on Darkfloor will no doubt have come across C Mantle, whether it be through his early appearance in the beginnings of the site, or more recently you might have checked out his last EP with Wee DJs. I first heard Geh Won on C Mantle’s ILL FM live set. If clanging beats, dissonant melodies and shifting layers of distortion are your thing, be sure to check it out. Geh Won is one of the deeper tracks in the mix, eerie atmospheres, trippy synths, and a bass-heavy techno groove. Hailing from Scotland, Chris is a co-founder of Acre Recordings and has a handful of stuff out on HandsetteSpacebar Sentiments and Acre.

Nonima – Chasm
I was lucky enough to get a promo of Nonima‘s upcoming Morphism album a while ago. Chasm is a perfect example of the direction he is headed, dark, off-kilter dancefloor electronica. It features waves of menace, mean distorted beats, and a big rolling low-end – tasty! Nonima is the artist name of Tam Ferrans, another Scottish noise fiend (must be something in the air over there) who makes “the type of music the postman can whistle on his rounds”. He is 50% of Altered:Carbon and Mitoma (featured in last month’s round-up) and founder of electronca netlabel Section27 (absolutely worth a visit). Without giving too much away, the rest of the album is a jaw-dropping, ranging from beautifully ambient to dancefloor-destroying. Morphism was released last Monday on Section27 (you can also get it and lots more tasty bits from his bandcamp page).

Aquari – Leaf
Dragging things down deep is Aquari aka Jason Purcell, an Irish bedroom producer based in New Zealand. He sent me a track after the last article and my ears perked at the crisp production value and fresh ideas. Leaf is sparse and tight with glitchy lofi beats and cold, drawn-out synths. Jason’s interest in electronics started at an early age, grabbing anything in reach that made noise, from an old Playstation to the early Roland MC series of sequencers and drum machines. It was with these early recordings that a sound and template was realised. Jason later turned to the digital domain but swore to avoid the auto-stutter gimmicks that plague the ‘IDM’ genre, instead painstakingly editing, processing and reassembling tracks of chaotic beauty. He also produces more mechanized breaks under his Jay D’Plug Junkie monkierLeaf is currently unreleased but lets hope we see it out somewhere respectable soon.

Störsender – Gegenschlag
Störsender thunders in next with filthy distorted beats and overdriven synths. Gegenschlag (retaliation in English) is tough-as-nails rhythmic noise that leaps right to the point, rusty flick-knife in hand. Jörg Hesseler is from Weiburg, Germany – an old castle town surrounded by ruins. Perhaps this is the inspiration for those colossal beats, either way this music is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you like nosebleed distortion, pounding monotonous rhythms and a general aura of menace, you should head over to his soundcloud right away and get downloading. He has had several releases, including an album limited to 101 copies called “10100101” (long since sold out!), and tracks on various compilations (including this absolute beast, also available for free). His style varies from slow and playful to thundering collisions of bass and beats. Sounds to blow your speakers to!

Galaxian – Corruption
Like many of my new favourites, I first discovered Galaxian right here on Darkfloor, way back in 2009. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Mark has the perfect backdrop for his no-nonsense electro, “the grimey murder capital of Europe” as he puts it. Corruption is an older track of his, originally recorded around 2001 but its rawness makes a perfect introduction to a unique sound built over the last ten years- a mutant child of industrial, electro and heavyweight bass. Its a deep, dark affair with creepy dissonant synth lines à la AFX, locked down by distorted electro beats. See/hear/read more over at his website and be sure to check his release on Napalm Enema Records and ‘Repent’, an album released to rave reviews on the mighty Transient Force. Also, keep an eye out for upcoming EPs on DJ Stingray’s Micron Audio Detroit label and a host of other exciting vinyl releases due in 2011.

FMcontrol – bosone75master1mix
Wonking it up next is C. Fabio Minardi aka FMcontrol, an Italian sound engineer, synthesis researcher and experimental music programmer. Bosone75master1mix is taken from his latest EP on Crazy Language, one of the best netlabels out there in my opinion with an immense catalogue of free experimental music. Immaculate sound design on this one and just enough acid and electro in it to keep the head nodding as your brain melts out through your ears. Quality stuff in other words! Fabio has been researching analog and digital audio systems since the end of the 90’s and uses a wide variety of tools to create his pieces, including electric signals, sensors and good old-fashioned programming.

Snare Bear – Tattoo Wahr
Rinsing snare rushes and quirky vocals lead the way in a new mysterious project from Dublin-based label Ghetto Quietly. The lads are keeping a tight lid on this one, but to me it sounds distinctly like the evil bass-heavy badness of a certain Prince Kong aka Karl Travers. If you haven’t heard of the label, get on over there now to see what you’re missing out on. Their latest vinyl release features four fierce ragga cuts from Lady Grew (I had the pleasure of remixing a track from it), dancefloor-destroyers each and every one of them! The previous two releases feature some of the finest talent in the ever-growing Irish bass scene, Eomac (also featured last month), A-Force and the Prince himself. If this is up your street, you should follow it up by checking out Kaboogie too.

Taper Jinx – Plankton Plation
Bringing things to a close with some filthy braindance is Taper Jinx, aka Eoin Smith, another Dublin-based artist (the Celts are dominating this month!). His sound is a monster-mash of jungle, acid, techno, electro, dubstep and hardcore-  all in all, pure, undiluted rave music. Plankton Plation is an intense Jungloid work-out, with chopped-to-shit breaks generously topped off with heavy doses of acid and discordant synths. It was released last month on Alkalinear Recordings latest VA compilation, and its free.

 the Darkfloor Stalker 002
Download Stream

00:00 Eutechnik – Freezeframe [self-released]
03:39 Cignol – Ask This [dub]
07:43 C Mantle – Geh Won [dub]
11:12 Nonima – Chasm [Section27]
14:23 Aquari – Leaf [dub]
16:49 Störsender – Gegenschlag [free]
19:27 Galaxian – Corruption [dub]
23:49 FMcontrol – bosone75master1mix [Crazy Language]
25:43 Snare Bear – Tattoo Wahr [dub]
28:31 Taper Jinx – Plankton Pation [Alkalinear Recordings]


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