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Every two weeks, I sum up the best of the best of the electro grooves I recommend over at Vocode City of Bass to come up with the highlights of the electro scene from the past 14 days. Let’s go

The Ghost That Walks – Angry Angels [Satamile US]

This is the sound of Metalheadz if they did electro.. darkcore…hard, uncompromising and the reason I went and put this on the big ass 15″ subs halfway through writing it up. I missed this EP from The Ghost back when it first dropped last year.. glad to have found it. +CoB

Morphology – Information Paradox EP [Cultivated Electronics]

This new joint from Morphology Information Paradox off Cultivated Electronics is dripping with more funk juice that Ice Cube’s hair during his N.W.A days. Dark and paranoid, yet sublime and funky.. this is a must-have. +CoB

Impakt – Resonant Escape EP [Solar One Music]

Dance The Pain is the one on this 6 tracker from Impakt, off the Resonant Escape EP on Solar One. Definitely one to close a set with and leave the party people feeling like they experienced something… most excellent. When a song loops in my head long after I stopped listening, I just know man. Good grooves. +CoB

Detroit In Effect – Work It [MAP US]

In Yo Face and Shake A Little Faster are the ones off this excellent EP from Detroit In Effect. Of all the cuts I compiled for this two week wrap up and jammed to as I was writing, this is the one that had Wax Jr doing his breakdance moves at City of Bass HQ. So dope. +CoB

Hardfloor – Skill Shot Remixes [Hardfloor Germany]

I’ve been listening to Hardfloor tunes near 18 years now, and that they’re now collaborating with some of the best and brightest producers on the electro scene is damn sure doing it for me. Features several brilliant remixes by the likes of Versalife and Pip Williams, and includes the straight groovin’ original. +CoB

Paul Blackford – Voyager 2 [Sneak Preview]

The man like Paul Blackford puts in a deep groover of an electro tune, one for the spaceheads and bassheads, and manages to give you that incredible deep slow vibe yet fast-paced drums Militant Science is known for. Wicked and hopefully will see a proper release. +CoB

Karatuk – XR – [Kotangens Records]

Deep space electro on this 3 tracker by Karatuk off Kotangens. Colour Images is the stand out track here, one for the head.phon crew but the other two joints don’t slack off either – scatter-shot beats, pulses and movement that all joins together in the right places. I know I could get a lot more traffic by posting up certain artists and labels, but that’s not what this is about.. it’s about music exploration and you guys always knowing you’re gonna hear the creme-de-la-creme in electro when you visit Vocode City of Bass and Darkfloor. +CoB

Ever Vivid – Sketches of My Life [Open Mind]

Incredibly deep Detroit/Tresor inspired techno and electro from Ever Vivid on Open Mind Recordings. Not Tresor during the jackhammer days, but Tresor during the 6 AM sunrise can-it-get-any-deeper days. +CoB

Galaxian – Looting of Reason EP [Last Known Trajectory]

Not content to follow pre-defined electro formula’s or to preach the genre bible, Galaxian takes it to the next level, and it’s why I keep listening. Such a great release, and most definitely recommended. +CoB

Dieptepunt – Feeling Deep (Delta Funktionen Remixes) [Dieptepunt Holland]

Apparently limited to 300 vinyl copies with no re-press planned, the 808 mix on Dieptepunt Feeling Deep Delta Funktionen remix is the one.. Masterful production skills, and definitely a top Vocode City of Bass pick. +CoB

Hope you enjoy listening to these cuts as much as I enjoy writing about them. See you in two weeks.


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