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Every two weeks, I sum up the best of the best of the electro grooves I recommend over at City of Bass to come up with the highlights of the electro scene from the past 14 days. Let’s go

E.R.P. – Lunar Ruins [Harbour City Sorrow]

For the deep head.phon mellow crew, another release of brilliant electronic music courtesy of E.R.P. This is one of those artists who’s got one of the highest “hit” averages, consistently releasing dope product. Get some.

General Electro – Suburban Paradise [Napalm Enema]

The ‘Suburban Paradise EP’ features four cuts of spacy detroit shit that sounds like it could have been produced yesterday.. or in 1992 in a burnt out motor city factory. Top release.

Scape One – Hydratype [Napalm Enema]

Does this man ever get tired of producing dope electro cuts? ‘Hydratype’ will please the purists, but it’s the fourth cut ‘Tech Knowledge’ that will get cross-play from electro and techno DJs alike.

Porkfour – V/OCT [Ortloff]

Think Tangerine Dream, Giorgio Moroder and the most up for it Berlin clubs at 6 AM in 2013.

Jon Convex – Pop That P [Naked Lunch]

Ghetto electro tracks are a dime a dozen, but this one gets in your head, filter freaks your ass and demands to be played on the floor. A must for DJs who actually have people dancing on the dance-floor.

Shadowbunny – O [Crobot Muzik]

Deep deep space electro, ‘Earthtone’ is incredibly warm, lush and for the spliff headz. Pitch this down and watch your crowd sink into it.

Detroit In Effect – Break It Down [MAP US]

Pure unkut Detroit, Funky as flux, and recommended… I know for a fact the Electrifying Mojo would have been jammin’ this if it had come out back in the day.

N-ter – 313 Funk Remixes [Space Funk]

Detroit funk basslines, spacy cosmic asteroid shizzle to flux with your cortex….and straight kopfnikken.

The Exaltics – Irresistible [Last Known Trajectory]

What I love most about The Exaltics is their incessant release schedule for burning electro tunes.. and that they have so clearly and uniquely crafted their own unique sound.

See you in two weeks.

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