Gerry Boo – A Tonal Selection

Gerry Boo, aka g-bo hit me up with this recent mix of his. Anything with Ancient Methods, Dead Sound, Gunjack, Smashback and Forward Strategy Group is instantly going to grab my attention.

In his words:

first mix ive recorded in a year, deep & jagged techno music for the feet and stomach.

Gerry Boo – A Tonal Selection

Kenny Larkin – Wondering [Blame]
Fanon Flowers – We Are Survivors [Studio Sound]
Adam X vs Ancient Methods – Proarrythmia [Sonic Groove]
Fabrice Lig – Access Denied [Dust]
Damon Wild – Halflife [Synewave]
Forward Strategy Group – Applied Generics C [FSG]
Regroup – Nilhil [Detroit Underground]
Ugandan Methods – Mat Oput 1:2 [Downward]
Clatterbox – Future Echoes [Open Concept]
214 – Burbujas [Touchin Bass]
Dead Sound – Flip Side [Acroplane]
Ardisson – The End (Smashback remix) [Balkan Vinyl]
Sinistra – Kakax (Gunjack dub mix) [Locked]
Al Tourettes – When I Rust I Rest [If Symptons Persist]
artwork by Anna Warsop


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