Some info on BM Soho and sales or return labels

Those of you who out there who still buy and support vinyl will no doubt have already heard the news that London vinyl institution BM Soho shut up shop last week.

Following a photo by Perc Trax’s Truss as he walked past, of an all but 3 vinyl in the window empty shop, the 25 year establishment has gone. At least from those premises. They’ve since released some information about that, gentrification and intended relocation is the short version. The full release is below.

Many of you are like us, fledging label owners, and many have had sale or return deals with the former Soho shop. What has been unclear is what’s happening with the outstanding monies on sold records and unsold stock. Well, here’s the skinny on that.

Due to the shop having to shut down fast, ahead of the landlord’s forced eviction, the stock was quickly removed by the staff. This has meant it’s far from organised. The staff are at present going through all the stock, getting it into alphabetical label order and no earlier than March 18th will begin sorting out outstanding monies/stock with labels who have dealt, like us, direct with the shop.

To help that process along you can email scans of your SOR forms, together with a clear typed list of what stock they had (artist name, release name, cat number, label name) to –
info at

It’s far from an ideal situation for the former shop and us, the label owners, but I was assured that the shop will be paying what it owes. That building, and the adjoining retail units there on D’Arblay Street are soon to be turned into yet more flats. Hoorah, no one but the wealthy cry.

Shouts to Adam at Beatcontrol for the info.

The full release, available at

Unfortunately due to contractual dispute over the building that has been home of BM Soho for the past 25 years we have been forced to temporarily close. Our landlord has been certain that our address, will join the massive gentrification of Soho and regrettably we could no longer afford to fight the legal battle to stop that happening anymore. Unlike many businesses that have closed recently, BM Soho BeatControl was performing well, so it is a massive shame to end this way. Fear not though we plan to be back bigger and stronger than ever very soon in central London. Until then we remain open for equipment in Edgware North London and online at Thanks to all our loyal customers and friends, cheers for all the support over the years. We will keep you updated here as soon as we have news!


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