sclist’s Bleeding Headache mix

Recently found this mix again whilst sorting out some of the many unsorted bookmarks I seem to accumulate. Been liking sclist‘s production work for quite a while now, as those who listen to Mantis Radio regularly will know. Speaking of which, he should be guesting on the show in the next few months.

This mix was recorded in February last year, so the unreleased bits contained within may well have come out now. Thug by the mighty Serbian; Molez is available on the Last Ditch EP.

sclist – Bleeding Headache Mix
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Point B – Fossils [Point B Music]
Steve Gurley – Walk On By (VIP) [DPR]
Matt Molotov – Flora [unreleased]
Elemental – Shiner [Urban Graffiti]
Vex’d – Canyon [Planet Mu]
Gyu – Spike [unreleased]
Sclist – Cyanide [unreleased]
Wascal – The Lesson [unreleased]
Sully – Cherry Bomb [Sonic Boom]
Molez – Thug [unreleased]
Wascal – Clustered (ATCQ Rhime refix) [unreleased]
Gyu – Real Busy [unreleased]
Zoidy – Berlin Ho [unreleased]
Soundex – Axewood [Digital Distortion]
Cursor Miner – This is Electro [LoRecordings]
Skeetaz – Nein [Addictech]
Jnr Hacksaw – Credo! [Subatomik]
Aaron Spectre – Music Is The Weapon [Rag and Bone]


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