Rory St John’s live PA for Beton

For the 70th Beton, hosted by Serbian hardtechno crew the Concrete DJz, they invited the Irish techno producer and personal fave, Rory St John, to the show. Delivering a storming second hour with his live PA, this is mighty fine, fierce techno.

Rory St John Mantrap Records (Ireland)

Rory St John – Sadbat [Teskoba]
Rory St John – Krayon [Dub]
Uninerves – Black Ops [Mantrap]
Rory St John – 12 bullet [Dub]
Rory St John – chew [Dub]
Rory St John – 13 Bullet [Limetree]
Rory St John – Wasted [Stasis]
Black SMith Craft – The End of Everything (Rory St John remix) [Limetree]
Rory St John – Widow [Teskoba]
Rory St John – Untitled [Limetree]
Rory St John – Deglove
Madtek – The Dark age (Rory St John remix) [Digital Distortions]

Rory St John is a familiar face around Dublin – as a DJ, producers & music enthusiast. His progression from DJ-ing to playing live has been a natural one, with his steady rise as a producer marking him out as one of the most interesting new talents on the techno landscape. With a varied output that bounces through many shades of electronic music and sometimes into wacky; it wasn’t long before Mantrap records saw a new and fresh style. Rory’s productions were also noticed by the Belgian industrialists at Ante-Rasa, accommodating his appetite for the dark and industrial side of music.

Look out for forthcoming releases on Limetree Records (UK), Teskoba (Serbia) and Dublin’s own Stasis Records.

Concrete DJz  Armatura Records / Teskoba (Serbia)

Orphx – Cracktest
Audio Injection – Exit Strategy
Mute Loser – Shadow Beliver Repaint
Perc – 1909 (Derek Paslaiko remix)
Function vs Sydenham – Illusion
Pfirter – Arcon
Makaton – last Wish Of A Dying Man
Donor and Truss – Sude
Truss and Donor – unseen
Dan Mute – Cradle
Dino Sabatini – Hyginus
Systemic – Axon
Audio Injection – Normal World
Mikael Jonasson – Water Proof
PAS – Open UP
Truss and Donor – Foreseen
Tuomas Rantanen – Mosaic (ST Remix)
Perc – Bcg (Milton Bradley Mix)
Jeff Mills – The Visitor
Audio Injection – Ive Fallen
Luis Ruiz & Pablo Bosio – United Forces
Monocore – Resurrect
Damon Wild –
Mike Parker – Protolanguage
Concrete DJz – Anakonda remix
Terence Fixmer – Drastik (PAS remix)
Stanislav Tolkachev – Back To Myself
Perc – Bosworth (dub mix)
Exium & G-San – First Jump
A.Paul – Modus
Tommy Four Seven –
Smear – Transect
Monolake – Atlas
Positive Merge – Emptyness
Tommy Four Seven –
Subspace – The Bi Machine
Damon Wild – Default
Dipole – Positron Network
Asagaoaudio –
Retail & Leisure – 01


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