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Serbia’s 4 piece Concrete DJz slam it down hard with a showcase mix of their pounding techno grooves. Also, Jimmy Behan, Dorian Knox, Dessben, Byetone, Hiroshi Oki, the Future Sound of London, Skream, Posthuman, 2562, and Si Begg.

Faib – Magic Music Box [Mezmerize Recordings]
Jimmy Behan – Cathedral []
I.D.O. – Nueva Etapa [QUBit Sound]
System 2 – Samandhi [unreleased]
Darksome Notes – Mini [Bumpfoot]
Mindctrl – Dub in Libria [Audioexit Records]
Dorian Knox – Butterfly [Audioexit Records]
Elektric Shaker – Get Sexy [Bumpfoot]
Jemset – Galactic Dinner [DoBox Recordings]
Jemset – Invitation [DoBox Recordings]
I.D.O – Poetry [QUBit Sound]
Dessben – M40 [Antiritmo]
Byetone – Grand Style [Raster-Noton]
Hiroshi Oki – Pa Amb Tomàquet [Antiritmo]
Plastic Loopz – Hunger [Darktechno]
Maztika – Flame [unreleased]
The Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea (Hoffman remix) [unreleased]
Posthuman – Asha Grew Wings (Sol Dat remix) [Myuzyk]
sclist – Iridoid [unreleased]
Skream – Hedd Banger [Tectonic]
Faib – Secrets of Moths Ash [Mezmerize Recordings]
2562 – Enforcers [Tectonic]
Si Begg – I See Them All The Time [Noodles]

Concrete DJz – Jedi Malter [unreleased]
Mark EG & Chrissi – Cycle 70 [unreleased]
Concrete DJz – Conerto [Armatura Bonus]
Concrete DJz – Solid State Refills [Mastertraxx]
Concrete DJz – Big Legz [Armatura Records]
Concrete DJz – Light Theory [Armatura Bonus]
Concrete DJz – Dark Theory [Armatura Bonus]
Concrete DJz – Drug Abused [unreleased]
Concrete DJz – Adrenaline [unreleased]
Concrete DJz – Stab Wound [unreleased]
Concrete DJz – Big Bang! [Armatura Clandestine]
Riino – Life Sentence [Armatura Records]
Riino – Back 2 The Old Spirit [Armatura Bonus]
Mark EG & Chrissi – Take Control [unreleased]
DJ Ogi – Kamen [Armatura Records]
Ryuji Takeuchi & DJ Mika – Obsession [Armatura Records]
Concrete DJz – Battlecall [Crowbar]
Concrete DJz – 3 Strikes Penalty [Blackoutaudio]
DJ Mika & DJ Ogi – Nebo [Planet Rhythm Records]
Concrete DJz – Afterburner [Submissions]

Tiburce Palmier – Premiers Jours Dehors [Ear Sheltering]

Featured Guest

The Concrete DJz are Filip Xavi, DJ Mita, Matsura and DJ Luka. Since forming in 2003 as residents of Club Akademija, the Concrete DJz have been pushing forward Techno in Serbia and the World.

They’ve been responsible for a lot of the parties in Serbia since then and have played some of the biggest events the country has to offer; including EXIT Festival and Ove je Moj Grad MTV Festival and elsewhere including Dance Industry Studios and Kommunity in London, the Orange Peel in Wales, Nightgrooves in Croatia, and Proactive in Montenegro

Their production style of Techno is free of boundaries, yet defined; ranging from dark beats, to pounding grooves as the strive to combine the most diverse elements of the sound into a new whole with an edge of power and intelligence.

On top of their performing as producing they hold down a successful radio show, Beton, with Armatura Records.

For the rest of 2008 they have new releases on Submissions and Hardsignal, as well as a debut release for Crowbar Records, Compound and more.

Thanks for listening. Please get in contact with your comments, suggestions and feelings to the show and tracks.

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