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Darkfloor 10 – C Mantle – Drone or be Doomed

C Mantle, co-founder of Scotland’s Acre Recordings, presents a selection of doom laded drone electronics.

Darkfloor Sound · Darkfloor 10 – C Mantle – Drone or be Doomed

Iannis Xenakis – Diamorphoses [Chrome Dreams]
Nurse With Wound – Organophosphorous Resistance in Studio Conditions [United Jnana]
Cut Hands – ++++ (Four Crosses) [Very Friendly]
Xela – Beatae Immortalitatis [Type]
Svarte Greiner – B3 [Digitalis Industries]
Cut Hands – Ezili Freda [Very Friendly]
Steel Hook Prosthesis – Skin Melt Threshold [Malignant Records]
Teho Teardo – Dance the Sauris [Wire]
Sunn O))) – Richard [Southern Lord]
Sunn O))) – FWTBT [Southern Lord]
Electric Wizard – Golgotha/Altar of Melektaus [Rise Above Records]
Thomas Dimuuzio – Column [RRecords]

Recorded March 3, 2012


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