God’s Dirty Work Mix from Hoth System

Hoth System is quite possibly my favourite techno producer at the moment, and whilst you won’t find any of his production work in this, his latest, vinyl only mix, you find plenty on the Mantis Radio archives and my DJ sets. Laying down a serious collage of sharp techno, this is his God’s Dirty Work Mix.

Hoth System – God’s Dirty Work Mix
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Low – Pretty People [Sub Pop]
Carlos Rios – Ethereal (remix) [InDeep’n’Dance]
dBridge – ZX81 (Shed remix) [Fat City]
Ancient Methods vs Adam X – Proarrhythmia (Ancient Methods mix) [Sonic Groove]
Pacou – Remote Sensing [Djax Up Beats]
Ancient Methods vs Adam X – Mital Regurgitation (Adam X mix) [Sonic Groove]
Systemic – Neurogenetic [Duality]
Oliver Ho – Waking [Meta]
michaelangelo – Horologium Dwarf [Duality]
Charlton – Basterd [M-Rec]
Sloboan – A1 Armalyte 1 [Armalyte]
Chalton – Backwards [M-Rec]
Regis – Borovicka (Christian Wunsch remake) [Tsunami]
The Advent – Traction [Kombination Research]
Lysander Pearson – Belate [Surface]
Regis – Her Surrender [Downwards]
Andreas Kraemer & Thomas Pogadl – Tatwaffe [Blackout Audio]
Christian Wunsch – Toxic Afairs [Audio Assault]
Ian Void – Caracal [Tridonic]
Christian Wunsch – Black Horizon (Inigo Kennedy remix) [Audio Assault]
Glenn Wilson – Them [Mastertaxx]
Subspace – Chain Dilatation [Token]
Jeff F – Orions Belt [Mastertraxx]
Bas Mooy – Angstgegner (Charlton remix) [Audio Assault]
Hideyuki Eto – Equip (Synewave remix) [Synewave]
Napalm Death – Deceiver [Strange Fruit]


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