Rory St John, Fridell + Xavi on Teskoba

Techno from Serbia has been a mainstay of my DJ sets for years and part of the Darkfloor thing since the beginning. Based in Belgrade, Teskoba Recordings have been craving out their own sonic footprint built on the foundations of proper headspace rich techno since 2008.

For their 12th release; their Dire Predictions EP, 3 producers step up to the plate, each bringing a sub strain of percussive led dancefloor techno. For me, the strongest track is that of Rory St John’s Sadbat. It’s got this chunky hard vibe together with softer spots. Rory St John rarely takes a misstep and this is another slab of great techno from the Irish producer. Mattias Fridell’s Universal Domain Analysis III is trippy but in a refined way, in the classic Axis/Mills way can be, but there is enough of his own stamp on it. Filip Xavi’s Arcade Psycho is similarly placed but deeper into the trip, so much so that you can really get lost in it. Indeed, as Teskoba themselves say; these are 3 dark-funked, spaced out, pieces.

Available now from the usual download stores but more importantly direct from the label.

St John / Fridell / Xavi – Dire Predictions EP

Rory St John – Sadbat
Mattias Fridell – Universal Domain Analysis III
Filip Xavi – Arcade Psycho

Digital imprint, Teskoba Recordings, is a platform for both dancefloor and mind oriented sounds of techno, questioning genre borders and conformist views on todays techno and nursing the essence of the genre – innovation.


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