Randomer’s XLR8R mix

It’s not often we’ll write about mixes published on other podcast platforms, but we do on occasion, make exceptions.

We’re making such an exception for XLR8R’s 353th mix from London’s Rohan Walder, better known as Randomer.

Darkfloor has, since it’s inception years ago, first and foremost pushed music we think is great. In recent years we’ve put our money where our mouth is and, to date, have released 4 EPs worth of material on vinyl and CD through our Darkfloor Sound imprint. Our 3rd released – Those Who Still Remain – came courtesy of Spaniard David Meiser. His track Know Your Roots features as Randomer’s penultimate track, for what is a blisteringly good 55 minute session from a DJ (and producer) who knows how to work it.

Thanks go to Walder for including Meiser’s track in his mix for XLR8R; it was a really nice surprise to see, and a better one to listen to.

Regardless of ours and Meiser’s music being featured – Walder’s is a great techno mix, and one that’s gonna get some serious repeat action around these parts.

Randomer has several new releases out at the moment including his Russian Torrent Versions 10 EP, his Residents EP for L.I.E.S. and the excellent Stupid Things I Do for Clone’s Basement Series.

David Meiser is headlining Dubtek in Leeds tomorrow, Friday August 15th, which we wrote about yesterday.


Lurka – Holding [Black Acre]
Hodge – Amor Fati [Livity Sound]
Fishermen – Dystopia [Skudge White]
Arka – Severan [BlahBlahBlah]
Clouds – Elevator Girl [Soma]
Manse – Sky Remit
Scrase – Another [Love Love]
Bobby Champs – Krenshaw (J. Tijn’s Drum Tool) [West Norwood Cassette Library]
Manse – Kleptomaniac
Ben Sims – Random [Theory]
Florian Kupfer – This Society [L.I.E.S.]
Tinfoil – B2 (from Tinfoil 1) [Tinfoil]
CWS – Untitled 02 [Struments]
Ansome – Fisherman’s Friend
Tenebre – Poison the Machine [Tenebre]
Yan Cook – Nylon [Ann Aimee]
Steve Rachmad – B1 (from Zero ID #2) [Zero ID]
Pris – St. Elmo’s Fire [Resin]
Kamikaze Space Programme – Rattle Ralf [Mindcut]
J. Tijn – Infuse [Resin]
Call Super – Depicta [Houndstooth]
David Meiser – Know Your Roots [Darkfloor Sound]
Boner M – Tsiu (J. Tijn remix) [ARTS]


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