David Meiser live at Tresor – April 2014

Last week, Darkfloor’s own Spanish techno powerhouse, David Meiser, not only played his début Berlin gig; but did it at the hallowed techno hall that is Tresor.

To be quite honest there isn’t much more I really need to say – his complete set is below, all 2 and a half hours of the dark, pounding stuff that he does so well. I can mention that we have a couple of copies left of his EP – Those Who Still Remain. Another début that one, his first solo EP no less.

So, from Drexciya to Boris Divider by means of Makaton, several unreleased Meiser cuts, Ho, Mills, Casual Violence, Exium and more – this is David Meiser recorded live at Tresor, April 2nd.

Drexciya – Temple of Dos De Agua
Doktrin – Bolt
Makaton – All the False Idols (Loktibrada remix)
Takaaki Itoh – Hear Nothing
Polar Inertia – Major Axis
Radhad – the Wall
Ignacio – Virton (Ben Klock remix) / DM Edit
David Meiser – Machines Are Alive / Unreleased
Urbano – MS909
Oliver Ho – Earth
Oliver Ho – Metaphisical A2
Diego Hostettler – Live To 9.5
Jt Kyrke – Fritzls Law
Joyb – Rubiks Geometry
David Meiser – Distress
Sub Space – the Bi Machine
Exium Vs Christian Wunsch – Expect Nothing
Chris Mccormack – they Feed You Scraps Like Starving Bongo Dogs
Monix – Unit B
Oliver Ho – Metaphisical B2
Chris Mccormack – Your Green Eyes
Jeff Mills – Cyclone
Planetary Assault Systems – No Exit
Casual Violence – Borne
Zair – Bulldozer
H Paul – Old Code
Oliver Ho – Walking
Robert Hood – Minus
Obscrurum – Dom (Reeko remix)
Bas Mooy – King of Echo (Ascion D Carbone remix)
David Meiser – Crossing the Line [unreleased]
Urbano – Aboveboard
Tuomas Rantanen – Babylon
Damon Vallero – Into the Deep (Patrik Skoog remix)
Lewis Fautzi and Nuklear Default – Black Water
Oliver Ho – Awaking the Sentient B1
Alva Noto – Uni Acronym
Grovskopa – Jauhar (Oscar Mulero remix)
Rumenige – Numb7 B1
David Meiser – Rising Entropy
Gabeen and Dr Hoffmann – Crunchy Bones (Lance Blaise remix)
Lewis Fautzi and Nuklear Default – Hypnotic
Exium – Seleccion Natural (Reeko remix)
Oliver Ho – Walking
Marcel Dettmann – Deuce
Rumenige Feat Loktibrada – Der Die Das A2
Reeko – Crop Circle
Orlando Voorn – Pimp the Princess (Ritzi Lee remix)
Anthony Rother – Hacker
Laibach – Tanz Mit (Zeta Reticula remix)
Boris Divider – 1983


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