Radioactive Man & Bass Junkie join forces

One thing with Darkfloor is that we don’t really inform you of news pertaining to the darkfloor electronica thing, other than the odd specifics to us. It’s pretty much mixes and releases and radio archives. Whilst I can be sure that this site won’t turn into a 100 posts a day feed of ‘news’ titbits I can say that the odd bit might filter through now and then. Which is where this post in particular fits in.

Radioactive Man and Bass Junkie are two well established and damn fine electronic producers who have been at their craft of producing grade A electro bass for a while. Some 25 years if you combine their production release history. Now whilst I suspect the 2 might have worked together on the odd piece here and there in the past; they have at the very least remixed each others work over their careers.

Thou I don’t know when these tracks are coming out (it will be this year no doubt), I do know they are being released on Battery Park Studios as the Bass Locators EP and that they are just superb. Take a listen for yourself.


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