Datacrashrobot – Disassembler on Battery Park Studios

Previews are up for the latest LP from Bucharest’s favourite electro and beyond producer Sorin Paun.

Recording under his Datacrashrobot alias he’s set to drop new album Disassembler next week, December 2nd on Germany’s Battery Park Studios.

Recently Paun gave us the excellent Wiretap EP on Swarm Intelligence’s Stasis Records and an earlier work, his Wirewound EP on Acre Recordings. Described as the sound of an electro biomechanical beast, Disassembler showcases the trademark studio abilities Sorin possesses. It’s tight as you like experimental edged electro. Notably under this alias, previously a very out there and abstract one, is that these tracks are bridging that space between abstract almost alien sound pieces and dancefloor capable statements that open minded DJs will relish.

Fourteen tracks of crunching beat work, pulsating mechanical bass works, multiple glitch layers creating a thin balance between what’s organic and what’s robotical, industrious hidden melodies and plenty of other ear juice waiting for you, track after track.

This Disassembler beast is a somewhat different effort from Sorin’s previous entries under the Datacrashrobot moniker, featuring more organic, wet textures and a broader specter of his sound palette. This isn’t a full on mechanical-electroid robot terminator. It'[s an elegant and subtle biomechanical creature, giving you the charms at first with his inviting rhythms and panned textures, infecting your soul right after, with danceable grooves and brain wave stimulating complexity.

Just four of the fourteen tracks that compose Disassembler are currently online for your previewing pleasure, serving as a great introduction to what is promising to be an enveloping album of forward thinking sound. Full previews of three of them are over on the Datacrashrobot SoundCloud.


Datacrashrobot – Stream Cipher
Datacrashrobot – Data Shifter Overload
Datacrashrobot – Desynchronization 1
Datacrashrobot – Vxi
Datacrashrobot – Gyrator
Datacrashrobot – Decompiler Surge
Datacrashrobot – Sensor Deviations
Datacrashrobot – Desynchronization 2
Datacrashrobot – Disassembler
Datacrashrobot – Evanescent Wave
Datacrashrobot – Self Synchronization
Datacrashrobot – Nonrectifying Junction
Datacrashrobot – Path Dependence
Datacrashrobot – Switching Subcircuits
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