Steve Stoll is releasing an ambient album ‘Praxis’

New York’s Steve Stoll is a recognised name in the annuals of techno, less so in that of the ambient tomes. However.

Over the years Steve has collaborated with the likes of Patrick Codneys (Front 242), Pete Namlook, Ken Ishii, and Damon Wild, to name a few. He has remixed everyone from Hardfloor to Gary Numan, and continues his techno exploration to this day by finding inspiration in the originators of electronic sound, firmly rooted in modular analog synthesis, his own one-off circuit designs, and strict philosophy of mixing tracks live without overdubs.

Forthcoming (in January) on Irish label Psychonavigation is Praxis. Those of you up on the Stoll, will probably already be aware of his ambient leanings as his 1993 Hemisphere album (a collab with Pete Namlook) ably illustrated. Pete is sadly no longer with us, passing back in late 2013, but leaves a formidable body of work on his Fax +49-69/450464 label.

This 14 minute sampler of Praxis gives a taste of what to expect on the album in 2014.


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