Dmitry Distant – Closer Than Tears on Bass Agenda


Closer Than Tears by the Russian born Dmitry Distant is another solid offering from British imprint and radio show – Bass Agenda.

Feeling just like a Phat Chex hardware electro jam, EP opener Forme De Lat Nuit rolls in with crisp, but deep felt sound. A Step Behind feels like a guiding star of neon enhanced, electro rhythm. Special mention needs to go to Commuter’s remix of the all too short Luxure. It plays with you – sure it’s driving and aimed for the dancefloor, but bubbles along the way, keeping that dark edge, that is for me, a trademark of good electro.

Closer Than Tears might not be rewriting the rulebook on what electro is, but then it doesn’t need too, good electro is afterall, good electro.