Khronicles of Khaos by Paul Blackford

They told those they encountered to make sure others knew that the warriors were coming: Spread the Word!

This introduces Paul Blackford‘s new mix: Khronicles of Khaos. So, we spread the word. But we have to show off those warriors as well.

His mix contains a small collection (it is only an hour long) of his tracks produced over the last 5 years, mainly released on his own label Militant Science, but also on Duality, DeadLock Records, Battery Park Studios and Tudor Beats.

Expect his trademark stampede of beats at a high BPM level (160+) warped into whirling bass. No, it’s not a new drum & bass sub strain, it’s just fast, bass driven electro.

Paul Blackford – Khronicles of Khaos Mix

Jungle Combat (Sub Mission ‘Militant Science’)
3 Mile Island (3 Mile Island ‘Deadlock Records Detroit’)
The Dark Side (Sub Mission ‘Militant Science’)
Zero Hour (Sub Mission ‘Militant Science’)
Beta Decay (Germ Warfare ‘Militant Science’)
Fallout (Sub Mission ‘Militant Science’)
Dunk High (MSIA001 ‘Militant Science’)
Aqua Theory (MSIA029 ‘Militant Science’)
Predators Vision (Sub Mission ‘Militant Science’)
Crime Wave (Brain Dead FM ‘Militant Science’)
Warriors (Sub Mission LP ‘Militant Science’)
Sub Mission (Sub Mission ‘Militant Science’)
Germ Warfare (Germ Warfare ‘Militant Science’)
Dunk Low (MSIA001 ‘Militant Science’)
Bubble City (Sub Mission ‘Militant Science’)
Latitude X (Latitude Remixes ‘Crobot Musik’)
Renegade Bassline (Germ Warfare ‘Militant Science’)
Multiplex (Coup D’état ‘Deadlock Records Detroit’)
Kaoss Theory (Brain Dead FM ‘Militant Science’)
Vintage Vandals (Exile Comp ‘Duality’)
Brain Dead FM (Brain Dead FM ‘Militant Science’)
FFS (Sub Mission ‘Militant Science’)
Falkans Maze (Continuum Hyopothesis ‘Centrifuge’)
Electro Transmat (Sub Mission ‘Militant Science’)
1992 (Germ Warfare ‘Militant Science’)
Syntax Error (Sub Mission ‘Militant Science’)
Destroy The Mothership (Sub Mission ‘Militant Science’)
Dream Sequence (Dream Sequence ‘Tudor Beats’)


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