Raphael Acohen – Never Let The Gods Decide on Armatura

by on September 12, 2014 in releases

Armatura Records latest offering, from Netherlands’ Raphael Acohen, is ticking all the right boxes here at Darkfloor.

Never Let The Gods Decide is a dark and dank techno EP – but crucially Acohen adds glimmers of melodic light into the shadow.

Take Burning Kingdom as a prime example – fractured, gravel pitted stomps clank, or rather claw their way forward with what is an essentially an upbeat, empowering melodic rhythm.

In the insurgence of the harder, industrial techno sound – many are putting out great stompers, but neglecting anything other than balls-to-the-wall jackhammer power. That’s fine for a club tool that sits in the record box for a little while but it doesn’t offer much that another club tool banger will replace in the next few weeks with its equally tough-as-a slab of stripped club steel. Introducing melody that works can be a tricky business in techno. Complex and polyrhythmic work can easily lose DJs and crowds who want to just dance not chin stroke – anything too simplistic will feel by the numbers, and tacked on. Acohen’s found the right balance here – much like Ruskin and Broom’s Fear Ratio project and the ever reliable bossman of the style Inigo Kennedy – he’s found the sweet spot.


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