DJ Food’s Boards of Canada mix – Sometime In The Future

Myuzyk label owner, and all round Boards of Canada obsessive, Skywave Systems, has been nagging a certain DJ Food of illustrious Ninja Tune fame to up this mix he created back in 2002 ahead of the mighty Boards of Canada releasing their stunning LP Geogaddi. The mix was first aired back on Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel radio show on February 11th 2002.

DJ Food / Strictly Kev:
I wanted to do something really special for this, being a big fan of the group. There was a lot of secrecy surrounding this record and I was given a copy of the album just before the release. I rushed through it in a weekend to make the deadline for the radio show so that this could be out the week it was released. As a thankyou I made 10 copies in a foldout hexagon sleeve, each with a different sticker inside and a 3″ CD containing the mix. I sent four to Mike & Marcus, two to Warp and kept four for myself.


Boards of Canada – The Devil Is In The Detail
Boards of Canada – Music Is Math
Boards of Canada – Alpha + Omega
Boards of Canada – Sunshine Recorder
Boards of Canada – Gyroscope
Boards of Canada – You Could Feel The Sky
Boards of Canada – The beach At Redpoint
Boards of Canada – 1969
Boards of Canada – Julie and Candy
Boards of Canada – Dawn Chorus
+ Other Surprises


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