Thatswecalltechno#3 – Black Smith Craft

It was but a few months ago that the dark techno producer and DJ Black Smith Craft graced our own Mantis Radio and seeing a new recording is always a pleasure.

This mix, the 3rd of the ongoing series by P.C.M.N / Doryk (whose netlabel Audioexit keeps popping up on the site and in my setlists), continues the intricate programming of an obsessive techno lover and proficient DJ.  A tracklist that beings with Sandwell District, rolling through Solidpulze, Sub, Robert Hood, Regis, Orphx, Drugstore, George Lanham, Inigo Kennedy, and 65 Mavericks before landing at the feet of the mighty and missed Drexciya. I don’t need to tell you you need to hear this do I. Download now.

Thatswecalltechno#3 – Black Smith Craft
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Sandwell district – Falling The Same Way (Dommune Version)
The Parallel – Spectral (Chymera remix)
Dasha Rush – On the ground
Solidpulze – Peripherical Control
Perforated Cerebral Party – Mystery Train
Sub – Reborn
Robert Hood – Minus
Regis – White Stains â2
Artiest Onbekend – Nummer 1
Orphx – Anima
Drugstore – Depth Charge
Non linear – Dot
Moderat – Rusty nails
Jolka – Five (Silent Servant Remix)
George Lanham – The Cambridge Offensive
Dubkrauz – Acid On Planet Earth (Drugstore remix)
Inigo Kennedy – Muck Shelf
Alexis Tyrel – Saturn Return
Screed – Side (65d Mavericks remix)
Drexciya – Soul Of The Sea


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